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from Latin plenitudo (dĭnis, der. di plenus
«pieno»); literally completeness,
adequacy, fullness.

Our name

From Latin plenitudo (dĭnis, der. di plenus «pieno»); literally completeness, adequacy, fullness.

The completeness is reflected in an offer that combines the generation of energy from renewables, a wide range of energy solutions and a capillary network for electric mobility.

Adequacy is manifested in our end-to-end approach to sustainability, from the production of energy to its responsible use.

The name Plenitude contains within it the “Eni” name, denoting the expertise it carries with, and reiterating our inclusive vision for an equitable energy transition.


We strive to be people’s closest ally in reaching energy security.
We inspire our community to join us in becoming advocates of change.
We believe that together, through sensible choices, we can reach our shared net-zero emissions target.
We want to look after our world, and energy is where it starts.


We are an energy Benefit Corporation (Società Benefit). We aim to have a positive impact on people, communities and the environment.
We want to be by our customers’ side with cutting-edge solutions in order to be the best ally in the energy transition.
We believe that, together, we can take care of our planet through conscious choices. Starting with energy.


We embody an end-to-end approach to sustainability, from energy production to its responsible use.
We invest in cutting-edge technologies to design innovative products and services and to enable virtuous daily choices, treat diversity as a core element of Plenitude’s and build transparent and fair relationships with customers and stakeholders.

Titolo modale

Testo modale

Our story

We shall remain the same because our essence, rich with history and super-charged with innovation, will remain unchanged. We are committed to offering our customers all solutions possible through making use of tried and tested resources, and the same channels we have always used.



Eni gas e luce becomes Plenitude

After the announcement to the market in November 2021, the Company's name officially changes to Plenitude.

More details

July - August


We became a Società Benefit; we integrated Eni renewables and acquired Be Power S.p.A.

With the new By-laws we became a Società Benefit; with the integration of Eni renewables, we expanded our services and renewable energy offering. The acquisition of Be Power S.p.A expanded the offering of electric charging services in Italy and Europe.

More details



Acquisition of Aldro Energía

We entered the energy market in Spain and Portugal through the acquisition of Aldro.

More details



Acquisition of Evolvere

With this acquisition we became a leader in the distributed generation of renewable energy from photovoltaic plants in Italy.

More details



We entered the electric mobility business and acquired Sea S.p.A

We launched E-Start services on the market for the recharging of electric vehicles; with the acquisition of Sea S.p.A, we entered the sector of energy retrofitting for buildings.

More details



The birth of Eni gas e luce

We are a subsidiary of Eni, a retail company for gas, electricity and energy solutions.

More details

Consistent growth
in Italy and worldwide

10 mln


2.3 GW

INSTALLED CAPACITY Data as of April 2023
Energy Solutions
Energy Solutions


Energy from new more sustainable sources: we are active with 2.3 GW of installed capacity.

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We grow to change prospective together: we operate in 6 countries with more than 10 millions customers. We combine market growth with an increasingly complete offering.

Find out more


We inspire new forms of mobility: we are one of the sector’s fastest growing companies with over 13,000 active charging points and other 110,000 points available through the app both in Italy and in Europe.

Find out more

Our People

We believe only an equitable transition can bring about enduring change.
We share our expertise to foster ethical behaviors, starting from inside of our Company.
We nurture an inclusive culture for talents to engage and blossom.

2.347 employees at the end of 2022


A team that works with passion, transforming the values of the brand into tangible actions every day.

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Work with us

Real energy comes from people.
Discover all our opening
on our LinkedIn page.

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Values that inspire us every day


knowledge to achieve our goals and add value to our work.


for our work that inspires ideas and actions and it is passed on to our customers and partners.


to change patterns, overcome obstacles and bring beneficial innovation to people.


to earn the respect and trust of our customers and our people.


to break down structures and complexity through simple solutions.


as a fundamental way of enriching our people.

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Our commitments

2040 Objectives


Società Benefit

In July 2021, we became a Società Benefit, being the first major Italian energy company to do so. This has been a fundamental step that allowed us to realize our mission and values. Being a Società Benefit, in fact, means creating shared value not only for its shareholders but also for the society and the ecosystems. We are committed to four specific purposes of common benefit:

In July 2021, we became a Società Benefit, being the first major Italian energy company to do so. This has been a fundamental step that allowed us to realize our mission and values...

Spreading the culture of the sustainable use of energy. Providing solutions and technologies for the responsible use of energy. Ensuring employee diversity and integration. Promoting customer centricity through a transparent and fair relationship.

More details

Sustainability Strategy and ESG Model

We have developed our sustainability strategy through an ESG model based on the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Our five pillars: Governance: we want to generate sustainable value for all stakeholders, in accordance with the principle of social responsibility, with open and transparent dialogue and in-depth knowledge of our stakeholders.

We have developed our sustainability strategy through an ESG model based on the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)...

Climate and emissions: a decarbonization strategy with the purpose of eliminating Scopes 1, 2 and 3 emissions targeted by 2040. Business sustainability: we offer innovative and high quality products and services where customer centricity and environmental protection play a key role.

People: we take care of our people, by respecting diversity, integrating all employees and offering personal and professional growth to improve talent. Communities: we are committed to supporting social impact initiatives in the territories in which we operate, both with an educational role in promoting the culture of the sustainable energy usage then with a multistakeholder approach with valuable partnership. GO TO THE SUSTAINABLE COMMITMENT SECTION

More details

Sustanaibility Commitment

Plenitude Corporate Presentation
19 April 2022

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Press Releases

09 MAY 2023

Plenitude partners with Kraken to support the growth of its international retail energy business

05 MAY 2023

Be Charge: over 100 million euro from the European Commission and CDP to construct one of the largest high-speed electric charging networks in Europe

17 APRIL 2023

Plenitude: One to Zero Challenge winners revealed

06 APRIL 2023

GreenIT: the new 2023-2027 Business Plan approved with the shareholders’ backing for financial support

22 MARCH 2023

GreenIT and Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners to develop three floating offshore wind farms in Italy with 2 GW capacity

17 JANUARY 2023

Plenitude and Simply Blue Group sign agreement to develop floating offshore wind projects in Italy

29 DECEMBER 2022

Plenitude acquires a 81 MW photovoltaic plant in Texas

02 DECEMBER 2022

Plenitude strengthens its presence in Italy and Spain by signing an agreement to acquire 100% of PLT

27 OCTOBER 2022

Plenitude brings its Feeling the Energy installation to the Real Jardín Botánico in Madrid

13 OCTOBER 2022

Plenitude launches One to Zero Challenge

10 OCTOBER 2022

Plenitude launches El Monte 104.5 MW wind farm in Spain

06 OCTOBER 2022

Plenitude enters partnership with the Olimpia Milano basketball team


The European Commission selects Be Charge to build one of the largest high-speed charging networks in Europe


Plenitude: new partnership to develop 1.5 GW of wind and photovoltaic projects in Italy and Spain

30 JUNE 2022

Plenitude and HitecVision strengthen their strategic cooperation in offshore wind through the expansion of Vårgrønn

23 JUNE 2022

IPO of Plenitude shares postponed due to market conditions

09 JUNE 2022

Plenitude intends to list on Euronext Milan, organized and managed by Borsa Italiana

22 APRIL 2022


6 APRIL 2022

GreenIT and Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners to develop two offshore wind farms in Italy with 750MW capacity

2 MARCH 2022

Eni inaugurates its second wind farm in Kazakhstan

2 MARCH 2022

GreenIT acquires 110 MW wind projects in Italy

24 FEBRUARY 2022

Eni gas e luce – Plenitude expands its renewable operating capacity and development pipeline in the US

22 NOVEMBER 2021

Eni presents Plenitude at its Capital Markets Day


The Board of Eni gas e luce appoints Stefano Goberti as Chief Executive Officer

26 OCTOBER 2021

Eni gas e luce and PayPal announce a collaboration to make paying bills online fast and easy

5 AUGUST 2021

Eni acquires Be Power and expands electric charging services offering in Italy and Europe

1 JULY 2021

Eni gas e luce becomes a benefit corporation

30 APRIL 2021

Eni’s Board of Directors approves launch of strategic project to list or sell a minority stake in new business unit formed by Eni gas e luce and renewables


Eni gas e luce and Be Charge sign an agreement to accelerate the transition to electric mobility

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