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Plenitude at the Opera Festival in Sicily

Energy and urban redevelopment, an immersive nature experience with electronic sounds and underground music.


Five days of fun in the Etna Park, Europe’s largest volcano, and the backdrop to a festival that pays tribute not only to music, but also to local communities, artisan traditions, Etna Park's nature and its magical atmosphere.

Plenitude has decided to support the festival with a series of initiatives aimed at urban regeneration and the promotion of local resources. These include the installation of photovoltaic panels on top of Milo's municipal library, to help power the building with electricity from renewable sources.


Plenitude will also install new electric vehicle charging points in the town and has contributed to powering the festival with solar generators.

Other events

C2C Festival
From 2 to 5 November - Plenitude returns to C2C Festival as the Sustainability and Main Partner with the Plenitude Room, specially fitted with a fully renewables-powered laser installation.
Parco Gondar
From 20 July to 3 September - Plenitude was Energy Partner of Parco Gondar 2023, a unique reality in the heart of Apulia, dedicated to music, art and sport, with an eye on more efficient energy solutions.

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